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College Exhibits

2017 College Exhibits


University of Kansas-Vertebrate Paleontology
Title: Life and times of the Tyrant Lizard King
Description: Tyrannosaurus rex—Apex predator. Casts of T. Rex bones and teeth to show how large and powerful this beast was during Hell Creek time.

MCC-Maple Woods
Title: The Earth’s Rainbow
Description: Rocks and minerals of every color of the visible spectrum

University of Kansas-Invertebrate Paleontology 
There will be a sandbox with invertebrate fossils for children to hunt through.

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Title: Petrified Wood—Specimens from UMKC’s Sutton Museum of Geosciences
Description: Selection of fine specimens of petrified wood on display with information on the formation of
petrified wood.

Northwest Missouri State University
Title: Geology of Students
Description: Samples collected by students with a map showing where they were collected.