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About Us

Goals and Purposes

The goals and purposes of the Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City are educational and scientific in nature.

They are: to promote interest in geology and lapidary arts; to encourage the collecting and display of rocks, gems and minerals; to encourage field trips of a geological, mineralogical or lapidary nature; and to encourage greater public interest and education in gems and minerals.

The area associate clubs make donations to the Midwest Federation and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Scholarship Fund. The Association has established its own scholarship fund and presents scholarships each semester to several college students. Our aim is to help deserving students further their education in the earth sciences.

Various associate club members are available to present programs and lectures with slides to schools, youth groups and other clubs. Many area teachers have been given rock and mineral specimen collections with display cases for study and enjoyment at their schools.

The Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City members would like to thank you for attending our show. You have contributed to the achievement of our goals.

Show Location

The BTC decided not to have shows at their exhibition hall. As a result, we had to find another location. We have made the return to KCI Expo Center...11730 NW Ambassador Dr. Just take the 112th St. exit off I-29 and go to Ambassador and turn left. The building is approximately a half mile from the stop light on the left hand side of the road. 

As always there was a wide variety of retail dealers selling a wonderful assortment of rocks and minerals, fossils, lapidary work, jewelry and gemstones, beads and beading supplies, lapidary equipment and supplies...the list is just too long to cover completely!

A wholesale area will be in operation where those with valid tax ID's in the gem, mineral, beading, and jewelry trades can purchase products and supplies.

This show is eagerly anticipated by thousands of area residents as one of the premier shows in the mid-west. Visitors will see special displays of rocks and minerals, lapidary work of all kinds, live demonstrations of lapidary, bead making and jewelry fabrication techniques. Static displays include fossils and fossil identification, club-member displays, and a special area for children.

We also have a large non-retail Swap Area and special displays for schools. Friday is the day that educators and youth leaders bring their students and youth groups on field trips. Each day there will be lectures and slide presentations that visitors can attend.

Valuable door prizes will be given away,all three day, to lucky show visitors and on Saturday night, after the show closes, a public auction of donated items from our retail and wholesale dealers will be held. On Sunday several silent auctions will be held during the show. All auction proceeds go to the Association's Scholarship Fund. Several scholarship recipients benefit from the proceeds of this year's show auctions.


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