The 60th Annual GEM & MINERAL SHOW

Presented by the Association of Earth Science Clubs




NATURE BROUGHT TO LIFE – Gary Staab of Staab Studios; Kearny, MO

A display by internationally renowned sculptor Gary Staab.  Gary will be demonstrating his sculpting in person at the show on Saturday.  He describes himself as a paleo-artist.  He has done work for National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and The Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  He created the models for 3 of the characters in Disney’s Dinosaur.




FLUORESCENT MINERAL DISPLAY – Presented by Dan and Connie Snow of the Show-Me Rockhounds of Kansas City, MO  Salon D, A spectacular display of fluorescent minerals that demonstrates the amazing colors that are revealed when the specimens are exposed to ultraviolet light.  The exhibit showcases minerals from Franklin, NJ and other localities.  The presentation will be shown at the following times posted on home page.


MR. BONES – Tim Seeber; Louisville, CO

Once again the Kansas City Gem & Mineral show is proud to present Tim and his friendly dinosaur puppets.  They can be seen wandering the floor during show hours.  Beware or you will be eaten!



A display of minerals from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Museum.


ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW – Dr. Charles Spencer, Lees Summit, MO; Ken Stalder, De Soto, KS; and Bruce Stinemetz, Independence, MO

A display of fluorite highlighting it’s wide arrange of color, forms, and associations.   This exhibit will present some outstanding examples of the species.


THE ART OF FLINT KNAPPING – Demonstrations by various local artists

Flint knapping is the art of shaping rocks such as flint and chert into weapons and tools.  Demonstrations will be given continuously throughout the Show.


WALK THROUGH STORY BOOK – Judy Oetting; Levasy, MO

A geological experience geared to the younger set, but of interest to everyone.


STALACTITIC MINERALS – Friends of Mineralogy, Mississippi Valley Chapter

Many people are familiar with the common calcite stalactites and stalagmites that are common in the limestone caves throughout the Midwest, but many other minerals can occur in this same form.  This exhibit will present some rare specimens exhibiting this form.


CAMPO DEL CIELO METEORITE – Science City at Union Station; Kansas City, MO

A very large specimen recovered from the Campo del Cielo meteorite field in Argentina.  This is an iron meteorite that is estimated to be 4000 – 5000 years old.


MAMMALS AFTER THE DINOSAURS – Gilbert Parker; Independence, MO

A display of early mammal fossils by one of Missouri’s premier fossil experts.


ELEPHANTS OF THE ICE AGE – Science City at Union Station; Kansas City, MO

A display of mammoth and mastodon fossils including some of the mammoth bones found in Grain Valley, MO.


BIRTHSTONES – Tom Tivol; Leawood, KS

A unique display of birthstone specimens presented in crystal plastic globes.  Mr. Tivol, G.I.A., is a long time jeweler, acclaimed gemologist, and lecturer.