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 KC Gem Show

Special Exhibits










Presented by Dan and Connie Snow of the Show-Me Rockhounds

A spectacular display of fluorescent minerals that demonstrates the amazing colors that are revealed when the specimens are exposed to ultraviolet light.  The exhibit showcases minerals from Franklin, NJ and other localities.  The presentation will be shown at the following times:

NATURE BROUGHT TO LIFE - Gary Staab of Staab Studios; Kearney, MO: Paleo-artist, Gary will be demonstrating his sculpting techniques and displaying life-sized bronze castings. He has done work for the Carnegie Museum, National Geographic, the Smithsonian, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Disney Corp. as well as numerous scientific establishments worldwide. Work includes dinosaurs, mammoths, extinct animals, and recently Europe’s oldest known natural human mummy, the 5,300 year-old Iceman, Otzi.

KANSAS GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - will feature the natural resources of the state, exciting geological features that can be found in Kansas, and even samples of meteorites identified nearby!  Activities will be provided for the whole family, as well as some raffle prizes each day!”

VICTORIA STONES, MOZARKITE CABS, KS FOSSILS, HAND CRAFTED KNIVES Bill Smith, Harper, KS, brings his collection Victoria Stones  (an award winning assembly, very rare and highly sought by collectors and jewelers due to its distinct chatoyancy), handcrafted knives, KS fossils and Mozarkite cabs. Mr. Smith, a retired U.S. Navy officer,  is a life long member of the Wichita Gem and Mineral Society.

THE ART OF FLINT KNAPPING – Roy Motley and Bear Carpenter demonstrating with knapping friends, will be given continuously throughout the show. They will exhibit the shaping (knapping) of flint, chert, etc. into weapons (arrowheads, spear points, knives, etc.) and tools. Roy is a long time exhibitor at our shows,  and Bear is well known for his design and fabrication. 

SKULLS REPRODUCTION   Science City/Union Station, KCMO, descriptions ranging from AUSTRALOPITECUS AFARENSIS (2.9 to 3.6 million years ago) to HOMO SAPIENS (modern man), and including, for comparison, the skull reproductions of the Western Lowland Gorilla and Chimpanzee. The collection was donated to Science City by the Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City.

MR. BONES — Tim Seeber; Louisville, CO: Back by popularity. Tim and his friendly life sized dinosaur puppets will be stalking amazed children (and several adults) around the show arena.

LUCA’S PET ROCKS Luca, The Community Helper, Inc, from Oak Grove, MO is an 8 year old boy who with his friends and grandma, paints rocks to raise money for worthy causes.  Currently he is raising funds for Sni Valley Fire Protection District and Oak Grove Police Department for the purchase of equipment.  This is a non-profit organization and accepts donations for artfully painted rocks. Find him in the Club Demonstration area at the show & follow on FB The Community Helper Inc.

BEAR’S ROCKIN’ BLADES Bear L. Carpenter, Wellsville, KS, an award winning flintknapper for over 20 years, designs and meticulously hand crafts blades and points from exotic rocks, woods, antlers and other specialized materials. While all are entirely useable, many properly find a place as a special display piece. Each unique creation is signed, dated and registered by the renown artist.  

MISSOURI MINERALS - Mississippi Valley Chapter of Friends of Mineralogy - A display showing that can be found in the Midwestern states of the U.S.  All of the specimens are from the collections of chapter members.

MIDWESTERN GEODES - Mississippi Valley Chapter of Friends of Mineralogy - A display showing minerals that can be found in Missouri.  All of the specimens are from the collections of chapter members.

WALK THROUGH STORY BOOK – Judy Oetting; Levasy, MO. A  geological  experience  geared to the  younger  set  but  of interest to everyone.