The 60th Annual GEM & MINERAL SHOW

Presented by the Association of Earth Science Clubs

Last Year’s - 2020 College Exhibits


University of Kansas-Vertebrate Paleontology

Title: A Terror of Tyrannosaurs

Description: A pack of T. rex is called a terror! Recent field work in the badlands of Montana has revealed an unusual accumulation of juvenile tyrannosaurs. KU is in the midst of studying why this is so and how the little tyrannosaurs may have lived and hunted. We will have casts of skulls, bones and teeth to show visitors what we have discovered. 


MCC-Maple Woods

Title: The Many Forms of Calcite.

Description: Calcite is one of the most common minerals in the state of Missouri and comes in an amazing variety of forms.


University of Missouri-Kansas City

Title: Specimens from the Sutton Geosciences Museum’s New Home

Description: Featuring some select specimens from the Sutton Museum at UMKC 


Northwest Missouri State University

Title: Fall 2019 Student Field Trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Description: This display features rock and mineral samples collected by students on a field trip of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, led by Dr. Arghya Goswami and Dr. John Pope. The primary purpose of the trip was to study the geology of the copper districts as well as the banded iron formations found throughout the region.


Washburn University

Title: Charles H. Sternberg Fossil Leaves

Description: Washburn University Museum purchased 254 plant fossils from Sternberg in 1885 for $40.00. Around 12 specimens are still in the geology teaching collection. Display will include 8 of the specimens.


University of Kansas-Paleobotany

Title: Newly discovered Pennsylvanian flora on the campus of KU.

Description: During the excavation of an underground tunnel linking west campus to the main KU campus several lenses of a diverse assemblage of Pennsylvanian (Lawrence Formation) plants were discovered. The flora is represented by numerous fern species, seed ferns, calamites, lycopods and cordaites. Representatives from each of these groups will be showcased.