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KC Gem Show

College Exhibits


Presented by The Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City, Inc.


College Exhibits

University of Kansas-Division of Vertebrate Paleontology


Description: Booth will have things to touch (bone maps, dig tools, fossil cleaning tools, etc), videos of the digs and expeditions plus casts of dinosaur fossils we excavated for this exhibit.


University of Missouri-Kansas City

Title: Remembering Prof. Richard Gentile—Master of Kansas City Geology

Description: The display will mainly have fossils from Dick’s personal collection with some graphics.


Northwest Missouri State University

Title: May the Quartz be with You

Description: This will be a display of numerous varieties of quartz. The students will have some fun and decorate some samples using a Star Wars theme.


University of Kansas-Division of Paleobotany

Title: Before and after the great Permian extinction: a view from Gondwana.

Description: The exhibit will show case plant fossils from the Permian period prior to the extinction event that wiped out at least 70% of plant species and the new plant species that arose after the event during the Triassic period. Plant fossils from each of these time periods and from numerous localities will be displayed.


Washburn University

Title: Menninger Clinic/Foundation Collection

Description: This collection was donated to Washburn University when the Menninger Clinic/ Foundation moved to Texas. The material was collected by or for members of the Menninger family. It was displayed in a museum at the clinic and some were used in teaching classes to patients and staff.