The 58th Annual GEM & MINERAL SHOW

Presented by the Association of Earth Science Clubs

2019 College Exhibits


University of Kansas-Vertebrate Paleontology

Title: Young and hungry—Lifestyle of T. rex juveniles

Description: Booth/exhibit will feature casts of young specimens and a large adult jaw to compare. We can see how the skeleton changed as they grew and what this means for their hunting strategies before they became apex predators.


MCC-Maple Woods

Title: Mohs Hardness Scale

Description: Includes different samples representing minerals of different resistance to scratching, from softest to hardest.


University of Kansas-Invertebrate Paleontology 


There will be a sandbox with invertebrate fossils for children to hunt through as well as information about the fossils they find.


University of Kansas-Invertebrate Paleontology


Title: Invertebrate Fossils of Kansas

Description: Display of a variety of interesting invertebrate fossils from Kansas 


University of Missouri-Kansas City

Title: A Spectrum of Minerals from the Sutton Museum at UMKC

Description: Some showy specimens from black to white and the colors of the rainbow in between.


Northwest Missouri State University

Title: Northwest Students in the Field

Description: Exhibit will showcase rock/minerals that collected by Northwest geology students on departmental field trips during 2018. Many of the samples were collected in the Black Hills of South Dakota as well as sites throughout the northwestern United States.


Washburn University

Title: 600 + Pounds of Tri-State Galena

Description: Two parts of a single galena specimen broken during remodeling of Stoffer Science Hall.