The 60th Annual GEM & MINERAL SHOW

Presented by the Association of Earth Science Clubs



Afghan Silver & Gems                                                   Kabul, Afghanistan

Amber Dreams                                                                Jacksonville, FL

Anna’s Rock N Shop                                                      Delta, UT

Dorjee Design                                                                  Euless, TX

Ebrima Kabba Brothers                                                 Bronx, NY

Gem Avenue                                                                      Overland Park, KS

Howard I. Schlansker                                                     Marshfield, MA

Intrinsic Trading                                                              Round Rock, TX

J K Stone USA                                                                 Lakewood, CO

Kingdom Trading                                                            Dallas, TX

Malachite and Gems of Africa                                      Greece, NY

Nature Design                                                                  Pacific, CA

Neotric Gems Inc                                                             McKinney, TX\

New Century International                                           Norcross, GA

Purdy Silver                                                                      Lee’s Summit, MO

Queenly Global Trading                                                 Dallas, TX

Rahman Gems                                                                 Nashville, TN

Rocky Mountain Jewelry                                               Highlands Ranch, CO

Sarah’s Design                                          

Silk Road Treasure                                                          Lake Forest, IL

Starborn Creations                                                          Sedona, AZ

Super Time International                                               Gaithersburg, MD

Toujour Designs                                                               Kansas City, MO

World Circle                                                                     West St Paul, MN



Shows of Integrity Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Bead Shows

For Information Contact: Terry James – Shows of Integrity

3522 Brazos St, Melissa, TX 75454 Cell: 903-815-5957