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   KC Gem Show

Wholesale Dealers

                 Wholesale Dealers 2023          

Dealers                                                                            Selling

Amber Art                                                                       Amber
Amber Dreams                                                            Amber
Anna's Rock N Shop                                                  Sandstone, Cabs, Fossils
D & C International                                                    Beads
Dorjee Design                                                              Silver Jewelry
Ebrima Kabba                                                              African Beads
Ethiopian Gemstones Inc                                       Gemstones
Gem Avenue                                                               Mineral Specimens
Intrinsic Trading                                                           Beads
J K Stone USA                                                               Beads, stones
Malachite and Gems of Africa                             Malachite
Nature Design                                                              Minerals
Neotric Gems                                                               Fine Jewelry
New Century                                                                Beads
Purdy Silver                                                                    Southwestern Jewelry
Queenly Global                                                           Beads
Rahman Gems                                                             Jewelry
Sarah's Design                                                             Silver Jewelry
Silk Road Treasure                                                      Beads, Jewelry
Singing Bowl Sound & Craft                                    Minerals, Singing B
Starborn Creations                                                      Silver Jewelry
Super Time International                                          Beads, Stones
Toujour Designs

World Circle  - Minerals                                            Minerals                     

Plus More to be announced Please visit